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Welcome to Camping - Bungalows Ordesa


Camping - Bungalows Ordesa has more than 40 years learning from the Wisdom of Nature.

The current pace of life seems to have lost communication with Nature. Yet here we have never stopped talking to her. So, we know how important it is to maintain a balance with it. Come, feel and live memorable experiences. Meet again with Nature, talks to her, ask her the time to stop and Reacquaint with your "pure". These itself to be a holiday "First".


Pure nature: lush forests, breathtaking canyons, Horsetail and many other impressive waterfalls that are drawing on the Rock a magical landscape.

The beauty of the Massif Tresserols, the whimsical Gap Rolando, Ordesa... there are a thousand and one waiting landscapes. Come to discover them!

Ordesa, "Where a paradise begins ..." represents the feelings of those who have seen the explosion of color in the Faja de las Flores, the ochres of autumn in the Turieto, the Sunrise from the Monte Perdido or sunset in the Mondarruego; they have felt the wind in the Breach of Roland, or have rested at the foot of the horsetail, ... and so one million indescribable sensations that can only be understood from personal experience.

Ordesa has that magical tale air, as seen in the many legends, handed down from generation to generation in the heat of a fire.

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Camping Ordesa S.L.

D:   Ctra. de Ordesa sn · 22376 · Torla · (Huesca) España

T:    (+34) 974117721

F:    (+34) 974486347

E:    camping@campingordesa.es





Bungalows Ordesa S.L.

D:   Ctra. de Ordesa sn · 22376 · Torla · (Huesca) España

T:    (+34) 974117711

W:    www.bungalowsordesa.com

E:    bungalows@campingordesa.es